Brighton: Home of the Wabsnazsm Podcast.

> April 5th, 2012 ---

The Wabsnazsm Podcast: The triumphant return!

> March 19th, 2012 ---

Well, after a fairly lengthy hiatus, the Wabsnazsm podcast returns with features, tunes and opinions to make you wish that the hiatus was a tad lengthier.


Wabsnazsm presents: The Elvis Waring Show!

> March 6th, 2012 ---

In 1993, I decided that the world needed a pirate radio show which played music other than the latest from "Buzza B and his Uzi Money." So, adopting the rather embarrassing name of Elvis Waring, I recorded some shows for broadcast on a small pirate transmitter. I doubt the actual existence of the small-time radio station as I never saw the equipment nor heard the programmes. Now, I have unearthed a tape of one of those terrible shows!

Recorded on a dodgy tape deck and with a non-broadcast quality microphone, here is an edition of the Elvis Waring show. I hope that you enjoy it. I certainly didn't.


The Wabsnazsm Podcast (Jimmy Savile Special.)

> November 3rd, 2011 ---

Here is the brand new Wabsnazsm Podcast! You like-a da Jimmy Savile? So do we!


The Wabsnazsm Podcast number SIX!

> August 29th, 2011 ---

Wabsnazsm Podcast. You are Number Six. Settle down, this is usually quite good.


The Wabsnazsm Podcast numbered with a 5.

> May 19th, 2011 ---

It's the all-new Wabsnazsm podcast! Hear ye! Hear ye! It's all rather smart around here.


The Wabsnazsm Podcast 4

> February 24th, 2011 ---

It's been a long time coming but it's always worth waiting for! The Wabsnazsm Podcast number 4 has landed!


The Wabsnazsm Podcast Numero 3

> November 18th, 2010 ---

Ladies and Gentlemen, May I bring to your attention, The Wabsnazsm Podcast episode number THREE? If you like it, tell your friends. If you hate it, tell your enemies.


The Wabsnazsm Podcast episode 2

> November 7th, 2010 ---

In which we learn a little...we shed some tears and maybe even find happiness along the way. Oh, and we get to laugh at random people.


The Wabsnazsm Podcast number 1

> September 23rd, 2010 ---

OK, here is the first real show that I've managed to put together. Enough of the stuff and nonsense, here's the Wabsnazsm podcast number ONE!